For loads that cannot be loaded on top of each other on the transport vehicle, the tonnage calculation is made through the ladameter (Ldm). Regardless of the dimensions of the load, it is calculated with the formula '1 mt height = 1 Ldm = 1.750 kg' as the place it covers in the length of the vehicle. It is compared with the actual weight of the load, whichever is greater, that weight is accepted for calculation.

M³ Calculation

m³ calculation in Partial Transportation is as follows: 1 m³ = 333 kg, 1 ton = 3 m³, 1 ldm = 1750 kg. Volume (Volume / Kg) Calculation Formula in Road Transport; LENGTHx HEIGHT / 1000000 = ('WIDTH' times 'LENGTH' times 'HEIGHT') / (1000000),

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